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Orbit Options

Orbit - Mounting Large (inc BB)

The mounting plate includes a ball bearing on the shaft end of the motor, so the motor works with four ball bearings included. The motor can handle more power and harder flights. You can order a new motor comlete with the new plate.

Orbit - Motor Stretch (inc BB)

To fix the motor in narrow or tapering hulls, we developed a motor-stretch for the Orbit. To use the greater diameter available further back in the hull, the motor is relocated 25 mm rearwards.


Orbit - Active Cooling

For effective cooling the Orbit series of motors, we developed an active cooler. To fix it on the motor only remove the retaining shield with the shaft and replace it through the shield with the fan.


Orbit - Mounting Large

For a stable fixing the motors of the series Orbit, we developed a bigger mounting-plate. To fix it on the motor only remove the prevent plate and replace it through that new mounting-plate.


Orbit - Rear Shaft

For better adjust the Orbit in your model you can get a back-plate with a shaft to redisign the motor with a shaft on the back. You can use the redesigned motor e. g. in a motor-model with a firewall made for a gasmotor.


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