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R/C Boat Electric Motor HP 355BM/30/6 Evo

R/C Boat Electric Motor HP 355BM/30/6 Evolution series of motors features automatic stator ring adjustments ASE. through dynamic use ASE permanently optimises reflow current.

Ensuring high magnetic flux with low construction weight. The advantages of the HP 355 Evolution series are extremely high torque and very high degrees of efficiency at high loads. These advantages are especially efficient at higher windings. It is therefore not necessary to use a gearbox.

The motors of this series are the most proven motors on the market due to continuous development. They are available in six different sizes and in 50 different variations. All these variations and the optional use of gearboxes, water cooling or air cooling by fan, make every wish possible.

Special features are: double ball races, neodym magnets, easy to exchange carbon brushes, hardened shaft, adjustable commuting angle, custom made water cooling or fan cooling.

motor model cells prop efficiency
HP 355/30/3 Evo hotliner 10 12" x 7" - 13" x 10" 83%
HP 355/30/4 - 6 Evo medium glider 10 - 18 12" x 7" 84%
HP 355/30/7 Evo scale 16 - 18 13" - 14" x 8" 84%
HP 355/30/8 - 10 Evo power model 20 - 24 13" - 15" 86%
HP 355/30/7 Evo (52,5 mm Ring) FSR + 2kg 30 52mm 88%
HP 355/30/4 Evo FSR + 1kg 30 50mm 86%
HP 355/30/6 Evo ducted fan 28 - 30 105mm - 125mm 87%
HP 355/30/7 Heli helicopter 30 rotor approx 1.45m 86%
HP 355BM/30/4 Evo power boat 24 approx 45mm 84%
HP 355BM/30/6 Evo power boat 30 approx 57mm 87%
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