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Xtra - Prop Couple System

To mount the prop very easily on the motor, we developed a couple system for the Xtra motors. The system mounts direct on the housing of the motor, so the prop is fastened behind the motor and you have a very compact system to reduce vibrations.

Xtra - Motor Spinner

We go new ways. For optimal cooling we have developed the motor to fix inside the spinner. This is a simple way to fix the motor in your model. The closed system: motor-propeller and controller is tested for more than a year from F3A pilots and is now perfect. You get a product you don't have thinking about! buying - mounting - flying. The Spinner is available for Xtra 30 and Xtra 25 in the diameter 82 mm and 89 mm.

Xtra - Vector Steering System

The latest Plettenberg design for the Xtra Evo motor series is the Vector Steering System!

Vector control is especially for knife edge manoeuvres and knife edge situation. The motor movement is servo controlled in the opposite direction from the rudder - giving you much more side force when needed. The upward force in the knife edge will improve multi times, this gives and enormous advantage when compared to the regular fixed mount system. No matter if you are a sports pilot or a competition pilot, the Vector Steering System will help you a lot. The system will only work with the combination motor inside the spinner.

Additional weight: Approx 35 grms.

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